Blog Post #1

Hey internet! This is my first blog post recounting my experiences in multimedia production. I’m a senior at UTTyler, and I’m studying graphic design as my minor. So far in my academic career I’ve only had marketing, management, and data analysis courses. Now, being in more creative courses has really surprised me in a way that I didn’t expect. The students are a lot more charismatic and accepting than I’m used to. I’m very shy, so being around so many friendly people is helping ease some of the anxiety I have over entering this new, to me, world of graphic design.

I downloaded the RSS reader Feedly on my phone. I’m really liking it so far and I’m debating upgrading to the pro version. Currently my feeds cover the topics of gaming, science, tech, the environment, and writing. So far, the coronavirus has somehow also infected most if not all of these news feeds. There’s even a pandemic themed app game, Plague Inc., that is going viral in China and the U.S. But I have also been liking some of the content from NPR, Writer’s Digest, Wired, Digital Trends, and Treehugger. I love to write and draw. And a lot of what I write and draw has also involved technology in a way. I think that constantly having to study sales, marketing, and advertising has made me more aware of how consumption can affect us both on a micro and macro scale; so I want to learn and do more about the issues with the environment.
I wish that I would have known about RSS feeds sooner. But it’s great to have this tool now.

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